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Every soldier wants to be a general!

Also, almost every person strives to become a leader. 

There are plenty individuals that would love to teach others how to become a leader. 

Now think - do you really want to be a leader?

And while you ponder, I'll introduce you to two types of leaders, which I identified myself.


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  Certainly many of you watched a movie "Secret". And everyone has remembered its main secret - the idea is material.  




Cinderella`s syndrome


Greetings to all. My name is Jenah, and I'm 12 years old. I am the first speaker and coach girl of our generation.

Lately, I stayed behind my computer longer than usual and went to bed very late. My favorite cat, who loves to run on my bed, accidentally stepped on the remote control and turned the TV on. On TV was a show about young women.


They come to Moscow to find a rich man but their goals differ. Some want to get married, some look to become famous, yet others search for expensive gifts such as: apartments, jewelry, airplanes, travel, and so on.


This show was talking about opinions of man on such women. But men are not fools. They can recognize when a woman is with a man for him or for his money. Almost all come to the general conclusion: "Such women are needed for one night."


Men don't look for women they want to spend the rest of their lives with in the clubs or restaurants. A man can notice a woman anywhere and absolutely accidentally, and he will know that this woman was not looking to meet him. Actually, girls know this, but still, they don't lose hopes!!!


Very few in my age are thinking about their future, financial education, and about life as a whole. By the time I'm 18, I will have enough experience in life not to look for a rich daddy and hope that I will have a chocolate, beautiful life. I shall make such a life on my own. I think that every girl can create a life that she wants for herself on her own.


With you was Jenah, first speaker and coach girl of our generation. See you soon!!!




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